Navajo Turquoise Ring

About the Navajo Turquoise Ring

The Navajo people are well known for their jewelry making. They are regarded as some of the finest craftsmen in the United States. Turquoise is a popular stone that is used in most of their finely crafted Native American jewelry. In fact, the Navajo turquoise ring is very popular among turquoise collectors. Of course, it is the real Navajo turquoise ring that is the most valuable and certainly not the fake Navajo turquoise ring.

What is Turquoise?

Turquoise is a very distinctive blue-green stone that has a long and very rich history. The stone is highly regarded for its distinguished beauty and used to create wonderful pieces of original jewelry like the Navajo turquoise ring. Craftsmen find that the turquoise is actually a very delicate stone that easily breaks. It takes special skill along with talent to create jewelry pieces with the turquoise stone.

Navajo Turquoise Ring Origins

The stones for the Navajo turquoise ring are found in the United States. In fact, there are over a hundred turquoise mines currently in the United States that are officially operating and providing rich turquoise stones for the Navajo turquoise ring. Many of the stones are featured in the Navajo turquoise ring and other fine jewelry pieces.

Turquoise mines are found throughout Nevada to California. The Navajo Indians were the first to discover the popular stone and craft jewelry in the region. They often worked with silver and combined the two together. Today, it is easy to find ancient Navajo turquoise ring jewelry for sale composed of stones from that region.

Selecting the Perfect Navajo Turquoise Ring

There are thousands of variations on the Navajo turquoise ring. It is almost impossible to merely select just one ring when several Navajo turquoise ring purchases are more fun. First, it is important to understand that the turquoise stone is available in colors that range from a sky blue or green to a dark brownish color.

The most popular color is the blue green which is seen in the typical Navajo turquoise ring. Robin’s egg blue is another popular color. Next, the size of the stone is very important. Smaller stones on a Navajo turquoise ring look very delicate and are perfect for the smaller hand. Larger turquoise stones are very bold and perfect for the larger hand. Those who own a Navajo turquoise ring will always be the center of attention because it is a beautiful and unique piece.

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